• The annual members meeting was held in The Islamic Center of Peshawar. • To mark the foundation day, new building of central secretariat ,in Icchra, Lahore was inaugurated. • Nationwide protests against conviction of former leaders of jamiat in Bangladesh. • President attended IIFSO meeting in Cairo. Met with ministers of Egyptian Government and Ikhwaan leaders. • Establishment of

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• The annual members meeting was held at the Government College Gujranwala, in February • Academy and library was established in the residence of Syed abul Aa’la Moudoodi. • President , President IJT North Punjab chapter and President IJT Kashmir chapter visited Turkey. • Students contact campaign was launched titled “we are bright future” , “Brighter Pakistan Awards” were distributed

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• Annual members meeting was held in Attock. • Largest students gathering event in the history of Pakistan at Punjab university in Lahore , titled “lets be hope, lets build Pakistan together” .”Hope of Pakistan student march” was held. • “Hope of Pakistan road caravan” was launched across the country, from Peshawar to Karachi. • 5th All Pakistan interuniversities “shining

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• Annual members meeting was held in Punjab University. • 14 th February was declared to be celebrate as “Haya Day” • Given the country’s situation ; national, regional and ethnic student organizations attended the meeting conducted by IJT in Lahore. • Appointment of president IJT as Assistant Secretary General IIFSO ,and President IJT Punjab University chapter as incharge of

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• Annual members meeting was held in GCT Karachi on 4, 5, 6 feb. • Funds sent for the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza, against Israeli aggression. • “Save Education, Save country Campaign” was launched against the Discrimination of Education. • All parties seminars were held nationwide, on National Educational Policy. • Nationwide funding and practical help for FATA ,Malakand operation

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• Annual members meeting was held on 4 ,5 ,6 in Peshawar • “death to America (Down with America) “ campaign was launched against the anti-Muslim policies of USA • Participation of President in IIFSO meeting in Kuwait. • Secretary general visited UAE for 7 days, upon invitation of friends. • Foundation-stone of SAFE youth hostel was laid in mansehra.

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• Annual members meeting was held on 9 , 10 , 11 feb in RahimYarKhan • “Protection of honor of messengers (PBUH)” campaign was launched • President and president Karachi chapter visited turkey and participated in IYF meeting • Forced expulsion of 72 members and workers of jamiat from Punjab university ,Karachi university and Dow University of Health Sciences ,because

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Annual members meeting was held in PMC Faisalabad. • Nationwide “love to Prophet (SAWW)” campaign , seerat conferences and rallies against blasphemy in Denmark. • ((brother Akmal Shirazi was martyred in Karachi)) • Appointment of president as assistant secratary General of IIFSO • Incharge foreign affairs participated in executive council meeting of IIFSO held in Algeria. • Appointment of in

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Annual members meeting was held in Punjab university • President visited Saudi Arabia and performed umrah. • President visited UK upon the invitation of friends • Incharge foreign affairs participated in general workers meeting of Srilanka Islamic students movement held in Colombo • Mass destruction in Azad Kashmir and KPK due to devastating earthquake; relief activities in affected areas, more

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Annual members meeting was held in GCT Karachi. • Nationwide campaign was launched against changes in curriculum , due to which Government had to turn back the changes. • Rallies on divisional and provincial levels, against deviation from ideology of Pakistan , Aga khan board ,and Government’s U-turn policy on Kashmir issue. • 2nd All Pakistan interuniversities “shining stars” competition

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