• The annual members meeting was held in The Islamic Center of Peshawar.
• To mark the foundation day, new building of central secretariat ,in Icchra, Lahore was inaugurated.
• Nationwide protests against conviction of former leaders of jamiat in Bangladesh.
• President attended IIFSO meeting in Cairo. Met with ministers of Egyptian Government and Ikhwaan leaders.
• Establishment of four youth societies , to work in private institutions nationwide.
• Secretary General and president IJT Karachi chapter visited turkey to attend the meeting of IYF.
• Nationwide Protests against the killings of Ikhwan-ul-muslimoon in Egypt
• Nationwide Educational campaign was launched , titled “development through education” ,Spectacular rallies ,expo and Festivals were conducted nationwide ,including Karachi ,Lahore , Islamabad ,Peshawar ,Hyderabad and Punjab University.

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