• Annual members meeting was held in Attock.

• Largest students gathering event in the history of Pakistan at Punjab university in Lahore , titled “lets be hope, lets build Pakistan together” .”Hope of Pakistan student march” was held.

• “Hope of Pakistan road caravan” was launched across the country, from Peshawar to Karachi.

• 5th All Pakistan interuniversities “shining stars competition” was held in Punjab University , Lahore. 17 delegates of 14 countries participated.

• “International educational expo “ was held in largest General Congregation.

• President and president IJT south Punjab chapter visited Saudi Arabia.

• Secretary general and president IJT Lahore chapter visited UAE.

• Participation of presidents IJT Punjab University Chapter and Sindh chapter in YFI and IIFSO meetings in Turkey.

• Participation of presidents of Punjab university and province KPK in IIFSO south Asian region in Srilanka.

• Brother Shahbza bhatti was martyred in Faisalabad

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