• Annual members meeting was held in Punjab University.

• 14 th February was declared to be celebrate as “Haya Day”

• Given the country’s situation ; national, regional and ethnic student organizations attended the meeting conducted by IJT in Lahore.

• Appointment of president IJT as Assistant Secretary General IIFSO ,and President IJT Punjab University chapter as incharge of south Asia.

• President , President IJT Punjab university chapter and in charge foreign Affairs participated in IIFSO meeting in Sudan

• Secretary general and President IJT Kashmir Chapter participated the World Assembly of Youth in Indonesia.

• A great movement was launched against the privatization of 26 colleges of Punjab under the cover of BOG (Board of Governors ).

• Presidents IJT Karachi chapter and North Punjab chapter participated in IYF meeting in Turkey

• 5th October was celebrated as “Bless you Teacher” in the honor of teachers

• The worst flood in country ; Tent schools ,medical camps, Eid caravan ,stationary supply ,residential coaching centers , distribution of scholarships from Jamiat.

• A campaign was launched ,titled “We are living Nation” ; “living Nation award “ were distributed in teachers and students for good performance in educational fields.

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