• Annual members meeting was held in GCT Karachi on 4, 5, 6 feb.

• Funds sent for the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza, against Israeli aggression.

• “Save Education, Save country Campaign” was launched against the Discrimination of Education.

• All parties seminars were held nationwide, on National Educational Policy.

• Nationwide funding and practical help for FATA ,Malakand operation affectees. Tent Schools and medical camps were setted up.

• ((Member of Local and provincial executive councils ,Brother Mohsin Akhter, was martyred in Karachi))

• “Integrity of Pakistan campaign” was launched nationwide.

• 700000 students were approached through “Students Awareness campaign” , to aware them about Domestic situation and problems of education.

• Participation of president and President IJT south Punjab chapter in IIFSO meeting in Turkey.

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