• Annual members meeting was held on 4 ,5 ,6 in Peshawar

• “death to America (Down with America) “ campaign was launched against the anti-Muslim policies of USA

• Participation of President in IIFSO meeting in Kuwait.

• Secretary general visited UAE for 7 days, upon invitation of friends.

• Foundation-stone of SAFE youth hostel was laid in mansehra.

• 4th all Pakistan interuniversities competition “shining stras” held in IIUI.

• Ten-days training and organizational campaign in Baluchistan

• Devastating earthquake in quetta ;extensive relief work by Jamiat

• ((members brother Osama bin Adam and brother Abdul Jabbar were martyred in Karachi university))

• Students Representatives’ meetin in Lahore for the restoration of students union, with participation of students leaders from all over the country.

• President visited UK.

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