• Annual members meeting was held on 9 , 10 , 11 feb in RahimYarKhan

• “Protection of honor of messengers (PBUH)” campaign was launched

• President and president Karachi chapter visited turkey and participated in IYF meeting

• Forced expulsion of 72 members and workers of jamiat from Punjab university ,Karachi university and Dow University of Health Sciences ,because of their work for fulfilling the duty of call towards Allah.

• (member of central executive council, brother Wasif Aziz was martyred in Karachi)

• Innocent workers of Jamia Millia College were released from prison after 8 years and 4 months.

• “save judiciary ‘’ campaign was launched .Seminars ,demonstrations and rallies were conducted. Jamiat leaders addressed bar councils.

• (( brother hafiz Abdur Rehman and Brother Farhan butt were martyred in Karachi))

• ((member brother Nusrat Iqbal was martyred by the firing of Indian Army in Indian Occupied Kashmir))

• Incharge foreign Affairs attended the meetin of IIFSO in Sudan. Met with president and prime minister of sudan

• ((brother shuja ur rehman was martyred in firing on the reception caravan for chief justice in Karachi))

• ((three workers brother ghulam siddiq ,brother imran shahid and brother Muhammad Atif were martyred in karachi))

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