Annual members meeting was held in GCT Karachi.

• Nationwide campaign was launched against changes in curriculum , due to which Government had to turn back the changes.

• Rallies on divisional and provincial levels, against deviation from ideology of Pakistan , Aga khan board ,and Government’s U-turn policy on Kashmir issue.

• 2nd All Pakistan interuniversities “shining stars” competition conducted successfully in Quaid –e-Azam University

• Symbolic students union Elections were held in 13 educational institutes across country.

• President visited Saudi Arabia and performed umrah

• Central Executive council delegation visited Bangladesh.

• Islami chhatro shbr Bangladesh’s delegation visited Pakistan

• Secretary general and in charge foraign affairs participated in IIFSO meeting held in Srilanka.

• Former president and secretary general participated in AFMY AGM’s held in kuala Lumpur

• Secretary general visited UAE , Norway ,Denmark , Germany , UK , and attended programs of friends.

• ((brother Hafiz Abdur rehman was martyred in Karachi by an ethnic party))

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