Annual Convention for members was held at Eden Hotel, Decca, East Pakistan from 29 th January to 31 st January. The number of participants was 121. “Mutee-ur-Rehman Nizami” was reelected as Nazim-e-Ala(President). 20 th General Convention was held at Multan from 1 st October to 3 rd October .The number of participants were 251. New Nazim-e-Ala (President “Tasneem Alam Manzar” was elected. According to reports presented at 20 th general Convention, Number of members in east Pakistan was 134. Eleven branches and 671 units were operating. Pakistan was divided . A new country “Bengladesh” was found by east Pakistan nationalist with the help of Indian attacking forces. Pakistan army surrendered on 16 th December, 1971. Jamiat workers in east Pakistan in severe conditions . Nationalist burnt their houses, killed their families as well as theirselves. Some were severely tortured.

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